RevUp! Pharmacy Podcast

Episode 2.7 - Sexual Medicine: Menopause & Vaginal Health | Innovation Institute Series (Preview)

March 04, 2021 Season 2 Episode 7
RevUp! Pharmacy Podcast
Episode 2.7 - Sexual Medicine: Menopause & Vaginal Health | Innovation Institute Series (Preview)
Show Notes

In this episode of the Mix It Up! Pharmacy Podcast, we're going to play a short segment from our Innovation Institute of Online Training & Education webinar series on Sexual Medicine.

Listen as Dr. Michael Krychman, a board-certified OB-GYN and clinical sexual counselor, presents "Sexual Medicine: History and Physical Exam" as the third webinar in his six-part series. 

What You Will Learn*

  • Anatomy of a Hot Flash
  • Hormone Therapy Treatment Options
  • Non Hormonal Alternative Therapies
  • Estrogen therapy (ET)
  • Estrogen-progestogen therapy (EPT)
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHT)
  • Impact of Vaginal Atrophy on Sexual Function


* This podcast provides a only a portion of the webinar presentation. Full access to a previous series of a webinar is accessible through Innovation Compounding's Clinician's Portal for e-prescribing. Call to speak with their Accounts Team to create your free account today. (800) 547-1399 x 801. Available to licensed healthcare professionals only.


About Michael L. Krychman, MD

Dr. Krychman is a board certified OB/GYN, clinical sexologist, and AASECT-certified sexual counselor with a Masters in Public Health and Human Sexuality. He has devoted his career to helping patients and their partners overcome sexual health challenges and experience a higher quality of physical intimacy.

His sexual medicine certifications and training include:

  • Associate in Sexual Education
  • Masters: Public Health and Human Sexuality, Institute for Advanced Human Sexuality, San Francisco, CA
  • Erotology Certificate
  • Clinical Sexology
  • Certified Forensic Sexual Addiction Counselor
  • Sexual Addiction Specialist
  • AASECT Certified Sexual Counselor

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