RevUp! Pharmacy Podcast

Proactive Care and Nutrition: Interview with Wellness Works

December 07, 2021 Innovation Compounding Season 2 Episode 20
RevUp! Pharmacy Podcast
Proactive Care and Nutrition: Interview with Wellness Works
Show Notes

Pharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare team and can provide proactive care for patients. Medications may produce unwanted side effects or have a negative impact on nutritional wellness. Pharmacists can help to overcome this by providing information about how to prevent or manage these side effects through dietary supplements. 

In this podcast, we're talking with John Preckshot, R.Ph., CCN, FAARM, Director of Wellness Works Nutrition, about how pharmacists can help patients be proactive about their health and the vital role nutritional supplements can play in ensuring patient health during medication treatment.

Guest Speaker Bio
John Preckshot, R.Ph., CCN, FAARM is the former owner and founder of Preckshot Professional Pharmacy in Peoria, Illinois, which was widely recognized as the "non-pharmacy" pharmacy in Central Illinois. In his 35+ years of pharmacy, he has been bestowed the M. George Webber Pharmacist of the Year and the Dupont Pharmaceutical Innovative Practitioner award. He earned his fellowship in anti-aging and regenerative medicine (FAARM) in 2014 and today continues a career as Director of Wellness Works Nutrition.

About Wellness Works
Wellness Works & Nutrition helps independent pharmacists develop a profitable nutritional revenue stream in their pharmacies by providing a customized, personal supplement line for sale in the marketplace.

About Innovation Compounding
Innovation Compounding is licensed as a 503A, compounding pharmacy, accredited by The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB®).

Today, we support over 7,500 prescribers, 90,000+ patients, and annually provide 110,000+ prescriptions to 49 states across the U.S. 

We commit to individualized pharmaceutical care by being relentless in our drive for personalized medicine, compassionate toward our patients and doctors, and being a #WellnessAdvocate for our patients’ lives and state of well being.

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